14 October 2010

Tories to women: become strippers and prostitutes

"The Conservative government wants to help unemployed Canadians find careers as strippers and for-hire escorts." reports the Toronto Star in this article.

This what the Tories think of women. Become a stripper or a prostitute. Has anybody told these stellar minds of the Conservative Partyhow many stripper need to be off their heads on drugs in order to do their jobs and the social consequences and costs attributable to such jobs and drug use? Do they know about the rape rate amongst strippers and prostitutes? And what about exposing "escorts" to HIV?

13 October 2010

Sassy Gay Friend with a Message for Depressed Gay Teens

Comrade Bingo loves Sassy Gay Friend's comedy. And here he is again with a message about being a gay teenager. His message: it gets better!

Comrade Bingo loves gay teens and wants them to stick around. Don't leave us alone with all the boring hets. Please.

11 October 2010

Joan Sutherland dies

Joan Sutherland passed away today. I'm afraid I thought she was long gone already. 

HTML5: the end of online privacy.

HTML 5 is coming and it is going to make it easier to track you and in great detail: "The new Web language and its additional features present more tracking opportunities because the technology uses a process in which large amounts of data can be collected and stored on the user’s hard drive while online. Because of that process, advertisers and others could, experts say, see weeks or even months of personal data. That could include a user’s location, time zone, photographs, text from blogs, shopping cart contents, e-mails and a history of the Web pages visited."