24 October 2011

Mitt Romney Doesn't Know about the Birds and the Bees

A young woman completely stumped Mitt Romney at a Iowa town hall meeting when she told him that his support for an amendment to the constitution that would claim life begins at conception would prevent her from using birth control. Romney tells the women he is not against birth control but the very eloquent young woman goes to explain to Romney that he doesn't to understand that hormonal forms of birth control "prevent implantation, not conception". Rachel Maddow reports on this below, mentioning how the proposed constitutional amendment means a miscarriage could trigger a criminal investigation.

As Rachel Maddow explains, Romney's campaign should have prepared him to answer such a question. She goes on to give Romney and other "Cave Men" a simple lesson in reproduction and an explanation on how hormonal contraception works.

Must see TV.

Girl Power

Girls can change the world. A Sesame Street video.

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Occupy's Canadian Origins

the ad that started it all

Read this Wikipedia entry for a history of the Occupy movement. 

And this NPR radio story about Adbusters, the Canadian magazine that started it all: "The Occupy protest seems to have come out of nowhere but the early participants like John Garcia in Seattle point to a specific catalyst: "I get Adbusters, so that's how I heard about it." Adbusters is an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver British Columbia. This Summer it proposed a September 17th occupation of Wall Street and the idea caught on. Adbusters doesn't claim any control of the protest and it wouldn't give NPR and interview because it doesn't want to overshadow the movement. It sees itself more as an idea shop."

Legal enforcement bodies and the military join the movement #ows

Police officers who want to support the Occupy movement have their own website and twitter feed now. Occupy Police say they were hacked yesterday, but they are more determined than ever to go on with their protest.

Marines on non-active duty also have a website.

22 October 2011

St. Paul's Cathedral Closes for the First Time since WWII: Occupy London

Listen to the BBC Today Programme radio interview.

Obama's Risky Embrace of Occupy Wall Street

WaPo article about the Obama supposedly embracing OWS. I'm not sure he has but you can follow the link to the ABC News interview in the article. WaPo focuses on the potential pitfalls of such an alignment for the President.

17 October 2011

Right-Wing Hacker Releases Thousands of Occupy Wall Street Emails

Gawker reveals that Tom Ryan, a computer security expert from NYC, has leaked 3900 emails sent to Occupy Wall Street.

How many millions of African lives for your mobile?

Did you know that your mobile phone is directly linked to the war in Congo which has killed 5 millions and to the enslavement of children who work in mines?

Children work in those mines, digging with their bares hands. Poulsen's documentary "Blood in the Mobile" explores this. One of the reasons the media hasn't talked much about this is their inability to go to the Congo, something Poulsen does at great risk. The second reason of course is that we don't want to hear it. What are the lives of 5 millions Africans compared to your mobile?

Read an article about the film and watch the trailer

10 Ways to Support Occupy Wall Street

At Common Dreams

15 October 2011

Guardian coverage of OWS

The Guardian offers coverage of the protests in Europe, with an amazing photos of what looks like ten of thousands of protesters in Madrid.

BBC coverage of Occupy in Asia

Commentary and photos

Reuters. Caption says: "Taiwan is not used to demonstrations of this sort" BBC


is covering the event all day and globally.

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

Protests all over the world today, starting in Asia. Follow the Guardian all day for more photos. So far, they have photos from Asia and Australia. Occupy Movement Goes Global.

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14 October 2011

Shepard Fairey Designs Occupy Wall Street Invitation

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OWS needs a Kent State moment, says Deutsch (video)

Apparently, OWS needs better branding according to Deutsch. "I don't want people to take this the wrong way, says Deutsch." It's difficult not to, Donny. And then he says that the Tea Party movement has an "adultness" to it. Moran. This is the clip, Donny Deutsche talking to MSNBC.

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Protesters get to stay

"The decision by Brookfield Office Properties Inc. to delay its planned cleaning of Zuchotti Park means that the protesters who have been living at the site for nearly a month will not be forced to depart and remove the tarps, beds and other items accumulated during the ongoing demonstration." Wall Street Journal

13 October 2011

Salon.com and Bloomberg turn around

Salon.com has a Occupy Wall Street section. The latest article on the site talks about today's big news: Bloomberg wants the park cleaned out of tents and protesters won't be able to use sleep bags and sleep on the benches of Zuccotti Park. Next two cents: of course, if you've ever been to New York, you've seen thousands of homeless sleep on thousands on park benches throughout the city every night. 

Michael Moore

Michael Moore has been a vocal supporter of OWS since the beginning, showing up at protests and giving the phenomenon publicity by talking about it to the media. His website has become a great source of information for all things OWS.

12 October 2011

Protesters are Packing on the Pounds

New York Times article about how the protesters feed themselves: Want to Get Fat on Wall Street? Try Protesting

Fat Cats Are not all Bankers

The Wall Street Bull Is a False God

The Old Testament God hates false idols. The Golden Calf as Wall Street Bull and a great story of how clergy from several faiths occupied Wall Street, Boston and D.C. Read about it in HuffPo

Exclusive OWS photos

Freelance photographer Andrea Lyons was at Occupy Wall Street this weekend. We thank her for giving us permission to publish them here.

 Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

 Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons 

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

 Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

  Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

 Photo copyright: Andrea Lyons

Democracy Now at OWS

Amy Goodman is one of the great journalists out there. Her team has been covering OWS since the very beginning. A new show is loaded onto the website every week day. I listen to the podcast of the show every night. Yesterday, Goodman mentions that both NYC mayor Bloomberg and the city of Washington D.C. have announced that the protesters can go on indefinitely. With Winter coming, I wonder how long the protest will last. 

11 October 2011

Where the 1% lives in Manhattan; Occupy Wall Street.

Today, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have taken their march to the doors of billionaire. Gawker created this map of where the 1% lives. Just click on the arrows.

Notes on Occupy Wall Street

A black woman talks about her positive experience with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

Notes on Occupy Wall Street

Let's Not Forget OWS Was Censored at the Beginning

Occupy Wall Street