08 April 2010

It's "morans" not "morons"; plus, standing kitty!

Because Comrade Bingo readers are a secretive bunch (apparently reading us has the same effect as reading Hustler, if Comrade Bingo were on paper, people would hide copies in their closet), I get most comments through personal email. Yesterday, a couple of readers pointed out a typo that wasn't one and I guess I should be thankful Comrade Bingo readers are of a higher breed than the kind of readers who write unimaginably vile comments on other blogs. So, although I would prefer having more comments on the blog itself, thank you for the emails and for your sensitivity.

Yesterday, a few of you commented on the National Post piece to let me know that I spelled "morons" wrong. I did not. I meant to write "morans". Ever since the last presidential election, when we thought right-wing populism could not sink any lower, there came Moran. Moran standing with his Cardinals t-shirt, a USA flag wrapped around his head, he's proudly posing for the camera with two signs: "Get a brain! Morans". 

Since then, calling right-wingers "morons" just doesn't seem to suffice. "Morans" seems for more adequate.

Standing Kitty

Looks like he is possessed by the same demon that got Katie in Paranormal Activity:

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