31 August 2010

WaPo Video review of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom

If you think I'm wrong when I say that Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is released today, it's because you've been hearing far too much about it already. Somebody's marketing department needs to learn about over-hype and literary fatigue. The backlash has started already. But, seriously, today is only the beginning.

I don't just dislike Franzen's novels, I dislike the man. It's not that he spurned Oprah. It's that he said ok to being her book selection so he could sell millions of copies but then refused to be on the show. If you don't like the whiff of mainstream popularity, don't steal its money and head for the hills. Also, I'm just not in the mood to read another book about middle-class white men and their existential crises. Poor white men, my heart aches for them.

Below is a mixed review which sounds about right. Sounds very much like The Corrections.

See ya. I've got some fun books to read.


  1. As a white man, I feel compelled to say "poor me". Surely being an ODWB (ol' dirty white bastard) doesn't immediately make me unworthy subject matter for a highbrow page turner? But on the other hand, when it comes to dreary literary novels about white men and their existential crises.. or in fact any dreary literary novel about anybody's dreary existential crisis.. snorrrrrrrrrrre... wake me when the zombies rise from the dead to devour the living..

  2. Or .. maybe a serial killer? Is there a serial killer? Even just one little teeny murder. A ninja? Cowboys even. Gay cowboys. Come on.

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  4. You need Proulx (of Brokeback Mountain) for gay cowboys.

    No ninjas. I haven't read the book but I can guarantee it.