18 February 2010

GLAAD to honour funny lady Wanda Sykes

Nikki FInke of Deadline Hollywood is reporting that GLAAD is to honour Wanda Sykes. This ex-NSA officer is funny as hell. ?Her rise has been bumpy and her appearance as the featured entertainer for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner didn't make unanimity. Last November, Fox started airing The Wanda Sykes Show. So, on this gloomy Thursday, Comrade Bingo offers you a few Wanda Sykes clips.

Racist dolphin. Yes, it's about a racist dolphin. Does attain the wildly pleasurable heights of absurdity Eddie Izzard attains, but it's up there:

Detachable vagina. Trust us, it's very funny.

In the wake of the much-anticipated Tiger Woods public appearance tomorrow, this Sykes skit became an instant classic:

Wanda on gay marriage:


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