01 February 2010

We love Unhappy Hipsters

Although we at Comrade Bingo are far to rugged and low-rent to purchase Dwell magazine or browse it's website, we love what the folks at Unhappy Hispters have done with photos from the magazine. With their clothes and books collections impossibly coordinated with their abodes, the humans who furnish Dwell's carefully choreographed photos are given a voice by Unhappy Hipsters with genius captions Here's one example:


It was unclear how her life had become so riddled with obvious metaphors.

(Photo: Paco Perez; Dwell, July/August 2004)

With captions like "maybe naming Rimbaud wasn't such a good idea" and "the octopus was full of judgement', Unhappy Hipsters makes Comrade Bingo feel a bit less inadequate about being so thoroughly non-hipster-like.

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