25 February 2010

A site with a view

My passion for the Himalayas has yet to manifest itself here partly because it's a real niche interest and partly because there are so many great writers on the subject who have actually been there. I will write about them one day.

Small as it is, my couch mountaineering is a door and one door opens others. This leads me my site of the week aptly called panoramas. 

So, a friend sent me a link to yet another Everest site, there are thousands of them. I reluctantly clicked on the link. The page loaded rather quickly and a moving camera showed me a 365 degrees view from the summit of Mount Everest. Clichés are sometimes true and the view literally took my breath away. I let the page go round and round the top of the world until I felt dizzy. 

It took me a while to explore the other panoramic views. Though not all as awe-inspiring, the site offers beautiful views from a multitude of sites, the Grand Canyon, Chichen Itza, Christ Redeemer, the Valley of the Kings. And so on.

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