05 May 2010

12 Animals Threatened by the Oil Spill

Great article from care2.com which begins by explaining that this isn't an oil "spill" as much as a "gushing leak" from the source. If you know the Gulf of Mexico, it isn't difficult to believe the its ecosystem is at risk. 

Animals which are in peril include:

1. Nesting and Migrating Shore Birds
2. Migrating Songbirds
This couldn't have happened at a worse time. April and May are prime migration and breeding times.

3. Brown Pelicans
Only removed from the endangered list last year, the brown pelican is a diving bird which comes into direct contact with oil.

4. Sea Turtles
Five of seven sea turtle species still with us today are in the Gulf. Sea turtles have been around for 12 million years.

5. Whales
6. Dolphins
21 species inhabit the northern Gulf.

7. Manatees
Ingestion of oil and collisions with oil spill response boats.

8. Fish
9. Shellfish
10. Crabs
And, of course, fishermen. And, again, this is prime breeding time.

11. Gulf Sturgeon
Prime migrating time for this endangered fish.

12. North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
This critically endangered victim of overfishing spawns close to the spill where nutrients flow from the Mississippi River at this time of year.

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