19 May 2010

The Last Days of Facebook

There's a real push against Zuckerberg these days. Enough is enough, it's time for an open source alternative, as Wired writes.

You probably know this already but it is useful to remember:

Facebook went back on its privacy terms and made much of your profile public by default. Then you had to go a figure out a complicated system to adjust privacy settings.

If you write words that correspond to a page, say "Donald Trump", you'll show up on the "Donald Trump" page.

Your photo, friends list, profile, pages are not private

If your friends fill out those name your five favourite beverages polls, they can collect information about you, a third-party.

Every single photo you've ever posted is owned by Facebook forever. Every application you've joined can continue gathering information about you. Not only does Facebook own your data but their terms of service say they can terminate your account if you don't keep it up-to-date, as stated in an article on The Best Article Every Day.

And even if you trust Facebook and all the application developers the "like" button makes it easy for spammers to access your info.

Diaspora is open source and upon us. Not putting to much stock into it but either way, I'll be happy to leave Facebook. Right now, Facebook is like meeting up with friends in a mobbed up cesspool with nowhere else to go.

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