12 May 2010

Busy Straight Men

Sean Hayes is playing a straight man on Broadway and a Newsweek critic (Ramin Setoodeh) is getting hell for saying gay man shouldn't play straight role. Sean Hayes is currently playing the role of a straight man in the Broadway production of Promises, Promises.

Surely the main problem here is that Hayes remains closely identified with his role in Will & Grace, the same way Christopher Walken is identified with psychopath. This may be the only reason why it's difficult to imagine Hayes doing anything else. This isn't about gay-ety. Hayes couldn't play Terminator any more than Linda Hunt could pull off a femme fatale. This is about an actor's range.

If this (openly gay) Newsweek critic's wish were to come true, the remaining ten straight theatre actors out there are going to be sure busy.

[reported by the Toronto Star]

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