28 May 2010

The adventurer I wish I was

When I started reading about Everest a couple of years ago I became certain I had missed my calling, that I had been meant to be a mountain climber.

Last year, I read Born to Run which made me want to run ultra-marathons in the Mexican desert (sans los narcoticos).

My life is so much more sedentary than I'd ever imagined. Nevertheless, I get a lot of joy out of living vicariously through the adventures of others.

If there are mountain, valley and sea people, I find myself squarely in the latter section. Even so, I can't even conceive of imitiating Roz Savage who abandoned the rat race long ago and is currently rowing across the Pacific. Here's her inspiring story.

I follow Savage's progress on Facebook and on epictracker.com.

EpicTracker is in its beta phase and dedicated to following intrepid adventurers who want to share extraordinary journeys. Trademarked, EpicTracker is a customisable map that geo-locates adventurers in real-time.

This map below follows Canadian mountain climber Elia Saikaly who at 28,819 feet is currently in sight of the summit of Mount Everest. Maps are easily posted on Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

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