23 June 2010

How to end your career — splendidly

This is an addendum to Spyderkl's blog about giving career advice to Stanley McChrystal, I would like to note that your man in Afghanistan doesn't hold a candle to British World War One hero, Tommy Woodroffe.

The veteran became a broadcaster for BBC radio and was asked to cover the 1937 Royal Naval review. It only happens a few times in a century that the Royal review happens at night as it did in 1937. The ship go out into the Thames with their lights up until, at a pre-determined time, the entire fleet goes dark. Well, Woodroffe had a meal and a few drinkypoos in the hospitality suite of the boat before he went on air live from the HMS Nelson.

This marked the end of his career at the BBC. Both Woodroffe and McChrystal went out, if inadvertently, in style.  


  1. Oh, my. :D

    In fairness, I'm not certain that McChrystal was drunk or sober when he and his staff were interviewed. I'm guessing he's wishing he had been if he said those things sober to a RS reporter.

  2. You're right. If he wasn't, he should have been.

  3. I think Woodroffe's exit was far more spectacular and heroic.