22 June 2010

The Queen shows us her boobs. Again.

Photo by Juergen Teller for New York magazine

I know, I know, Helen Mirren is a fantastic actress and she's still very beautiful. In my salad days, when I saw the first episode of Prime Suspect, it took me about two minutes to say "I want to be just like her".

Mirren won a mountain of Emmys, she posed nude in 1996 for Radio Times, she got her Oscar in 2006 for The Queen. She then posed nude for for a men's magazine a couple of years ago and now again at 65 for New York Magazine. The photos are accompanied by a short interview to promote Mirren starring in her husband's new flim, Love Ranch.

Of course, Dame Mirren has been naked a lot in her films but that's fair game. I understand the idea of making a statement about nudity and older women but must this statement be repeated over and over again? 

Whenever I see an actress posing naked, I think she must be insecure and/or her career is in trouble. None of the above apply to Helen Mirren. I'm not disputing the fact that Mirren is entitled to strut her stuff, I just wonder why.

Part of my issue is that Harrison Ford won't be posing naked to promote Morning Glory? How often do Hollywood male actors pose naked to promote major movies? I'm sure Annie Leibovitz has got a few to take their kit off. But not many.

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