23 June 2010

Safe for work: Save the beavers!!!!!

Wet conditions have flooded ditches in Winnipeg and beavers are moving in.

"A city crew took the dam down, but it had been rebuilt by the next morning." writes the CBC

These people are either mentally-challenged or very, very new Canadians. Any Canadian knows, from age 3, that beavers rebuild dams the minute you destroy them. That's why the beaver was chosen as our national animal. The rapacious bald eagle south of the 49th and the industrious beaver over here.

A representative for Winnipeg, Rodney Penner, says the city will kill the beavers in a humane way approved by the province. So they are not retarded, just sadistic.

Look at that cute face. Lay off our national symbol, Winnipeg!

"Killing rather than relocating the animals is preferable because beavers can carry diseases, and moving them into a new territory can spread the disease."

But then Penner goes on to say that beavers are not endangered, there a five million of them all over the province. Yes, beavers are ALL over Canada. Their diseases are everywhere.

In Montreal when a beaver takes upon himself to block the St. Lawrence seaway, we trap him and move him. Everybody lives.

Mind you, in Winnipeg, the beavers are threatening a golf course and we know how lethal Canadians get when it comes to protecting golf courses.

Hello Oka standoff!

P.S.: By the way, human children in Canada are not endangered either. If they become mildly annoying, does it mean....?

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