10 June 2010

Monty Python makes football bearable

"Nobby" Heidegger captains Germany against Greece with the surprising presence of Archimedes in the line-up. Manager Martin Luther brings in Marx as Nietzsche is expelled for his third booking in four matches, this time for accusing referee Confucius of having no free will. 

This is a match in which a lot of thinking happens and the ball remains stationary until Archimedes has his, wait for it, "eureka" moment. He kicks the ball and passes to Socrates who scores. Hegel launches a protest arguing "that the reality of Socrates' goal is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics, while Kant holds that, ontologically, the goal existed only in the imagination via the categorical imperative"
If only football were really like that.


  1. Soccer has totally taken over CBC news. If I hear one more dumbass CBC reporter say "the beautiful game" I am going to go so far beyond mental that the violently psychotic will make me their dictator for life. God I hate Canada. I mean GHOD!

  2. They're going overboard because CBC will be showing the World Cup. The whole frigging network has become an ad for their soccer coverage. It's pathetic and creepy.

  3. Just go with it. I'm rooting for the hot bods on the Brazilian team. It's better than raging for a month. Yes, I thought it lasted two weeks, but, uh, no, the final is on July 11.

  4. Did you know the clip? I'd never seen it. V. v. funny.