10 March 2010

Alan Bennett telling tales

Alan Bennett reads about his childhood in this new (could be a repeat) series for BBC7, Telling Tales. It's for old fogeys, at least for old fogeys at heart like me and for those who love seamless prose. There's nothing like Bennett's voice, with its feminine crackling tips and its deep resonant core.

The series started a couple of days ago but you can catch up for the next five days here.


  1. Well spotted E.C!
    As an old fogey, both at heart and racing towards the reality,(I feel a Spartacus moment coming on!)I adore Alan Bennett too!
    Another tip... he has recorded all of his books on to audio tapes, which can be borrowed from the library! Lucky us!Also his TV stuff,in particular The Talking Heads series is wonderful,especially the one with Thora Hird, who was one of his muses. A Cream Cracker Under The Settee is brilliantly poignant.

    Enjoying the blog by the way!!

  2. And thank you for your help in spelling "fogey"!

    We don't get everything over here but I did see one Talking Heads and it was the one with Thora Hird. It's such an amazing piece. Pure genius.



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