25 March 2010

Like Hell I'm Going To Let Some Black President Help Me Pay For Dialysis

Thank you Nanny Diaries for tweeting about this article from The Onion after which this blog entry is named. 

"Just who does this Afro-American occupant of the highest office in the land think he is, anyway? Look, I've got nothing against black people, but some of them act like the whole world owes them something. For example, important government subsidies on my dialysis."

I particularly like the line: "Can you imagine what'd it be like if he weren't just half black?"

Yes, it's funny except that the absurdity of the American right keeps catching up with The Onion's style of parody.

Some US lawmakers who voted for the bill have been victims of death threats and vandalism. Many Americans are livid because they now have health care. Watch this CBC Newsworld from the second minute to see evidence of violence and listen to angry phone calls.

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