18 March 2010

Sandra Bullock latest victim of the Oscar-winning actress curse

Even though our "light" pieces are by far our most popular, we take no joy in announcing that there is trouble at the house of Bullock. Only a few weeks after the ceremony, the actress has become yet another victim of the post-Oscar-for-best-actress curse about which we wrote about earlier this week.

A tattoo model revealed to In Touch magazine that she was having an affair with Mr. Sandra Bullock whilst she was filming The Blind Side. The Toronto Star says today that Bullocks no longer live under the same roof.

Thanks to The Amazing Katarina, not to be confused with The Great Catherine, for flagging this one.


  1. A response:

  2. Do you know, I'm not surprised one bit? Mr B must have come home one evening from a long day at the truck-rodeo thing he does and found his wife had lingered too long at the botox market and didn't look like the woman he married any more. There was some Morticia Addams Lite going on at Oscar night.

    Or maybe the girl at the tattoo market can move her face.

    Just a theory.

  3. Oh, it's HER fault her husband cheated on her.



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