15 March 2010

Church Exposes Drought in Venezuela and other stories

Link to the National Geographic website and see the magnificent photos of a church in an area flooded after a hydroelectric dam was built in 1985 in Venezuela. A severe drought has exposed the church again.

"The church is now an ominous symbol of energy shortages in the country," says National Geographic.

Lady Jane Grey

TED posted a typically American "can-do" talk this weekend on Facebook. You'll meet few people more annoying than Gary Vaynerchuk, that brave man who suggests anybody can make millions (which obviously is a mathematical impossibility) because he did it once, started from scratch. That is, he started with a few dozens millions dollars of family fortune which he had partly built. Vaynerchuk claims you can make money from anything as long as you love what you do, including smurfs. "Some 36 year-old woman will buy it," repeating the marketing mantra that women are so undiscerning and stupid, you can sell them anything. 

Well, if everybody were to quit their jobs and do what they love, how many more millions of Tudors books, series, and souvenirs would we have to put up with? I'd much rather idealise historical men who loved their wives instead of killing them, but most of the innocent citizenry does not seem to agree with me on this. 

The blood thirst isn't a need that is quenched easily and the Tudors were peoples with scores (almost) of murderers. Another female victim was Lady Jane Grey, beheaded at sixteen by the Tudor crowd. Leanda de Lisle writes for More Intelligent Life about her ground breaking research for her book on the young monarch. De Lisle refutes sources which have described Jane as an abuse child and a victim of the Tudor and reinterprets her as an intellectually precocious child who play the alliances game and died in full control of herself. Why not? My next book: Edward VI was a smurf.

Sarah Palin used Canadian health care

Sarah Palin who told This Hour Has 22 Minutes that Canada should privatise its health care system, has admitted her family used to go the Canada to get health care, reports the Toronto Star.

“Believe it or not — this was in the ‘60s — we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing, and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn’t that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.”

It is estimated that six million Americans will seek cheaper health care abroad this year.  


  1. Alaska is the most socialist state. They hand every citizen thousands each year on account of oil revenues.



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