12 March 2010

Mad Men dolls

As part of our continuing coverage of the enwackening of America, please take note of the new Mad Men line of Barbie dolls. (For real!) Clearly meant to smother any unintentional positive role model effect of the new Geek Barbie in a wash of nostalgic hyper-sexism.

But what's with Short'n'Skinny Joan?

And who wants a doll of Betsy anyw... ooooh, voodoo doll.

[NY Times]


  1. Draper doesn't look sufficiently tortured and bottled-up.

  2. This post was written by Kingsley in fact. You can tell by the virtuoso, non-ESL prose.

    Anyway, Kingsley, isn't it ironic that Joan who has more of a Barbie figure than any other woman on earth is given almost normal mensurations?

    Signed, E.C.

  3. Oh come on.. they just popped Joan's head on top of Malibu Barbie. Where's the va-va-voom? The ka-pow?

    PS. Look enwackening up in the dictionary. It's the process of making something totally wack.



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