26 March 2010

Obama treats Netanyahu like "the President of Equatorial Guinea"

                                         Obama and Netanyahu in 2008

According to the London Times, an unnamed newspaper said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”. Thing is, the President of Equatorial Guinea doesn't get his jollies by publicly insulting Joe Biden with announcements of new settlements in East Jerusalem or by performing assassinations using British and Canadian passports. The President of Equatorial Guinea should demand better treatment next time he visits Washington.

Netanyahu didn't not pose for photographers at the White House, the President (of the US, that is) walked out of a meeting with the PM but told him he could remain and  "consult" with its advisors", and then, Barack abandoned Binyamin to go to a private dinner. 

It's been widely reported that Barack was incandescent when the East Jerusalem announcement was made. We're not talking about Hitler in "Downfall" here who loses it because his staff can't find him McNuggets. It's not easy to rattle Obama's cage. It is a well-known fact that Barack Obama is just as phelgmatic IRL as he appears to be in public. Obama, however, is also known to have a great sense of his own intelligence and brilliance. Netanyahu should have understood that to cause Biden to lose face so publicly was to cause Obama to lose face by proxy. Biden is the President's representative which is why he attends functions the President cannot.

Sorry to echo all the "Netanyahu got what he deserved" out there on the blogosphere, but, boy, does it feel good to see a little justice dispensed, no matter how insignificant.

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