24 March 2010

Cameron does Palin; racist lesbians; Ella Mae Johnson

Ella Mae Johnson

Ella Mae Johnson went to grad school in 1926 as the first black student in Cleveland but she wasn't allowed to live on campus. She had a career as a social worker, spent her life dedicating herself to others. In 2009, Johnson just had to go to the Obama inauguration. About the new president, "My hope for him is my hope for the country". She passed away this week at her home surrounded by her friends at the age of 106.

You can hear and read more about Johnson on NPR's website

CB goes tawdry

Another proof gay people are just people: turns out that two GTA lesbians who were attacked by a black man had been taunting their black neighbours for months using the usually language like calling the kids "black tar baby monkey" reports the Toronto Star. One neighbour testified she called the police eight or nines times over the lesbians' behaviour.

I never cease to be amazed by members of historically victimised groups hating members of similar groups rather than feeling solidarity and compassion for them.

Cameron does Palin

Just a few weeks before the general election in the UK, Tory leader David Cameron makes an ass of himself in a television reminiscent of Katie Couric's interview of Sarah Palin during the last presidential election. At one point, Cameron asks to stop the tape so he can collect his thoughts, a bit like Palin's "I'll check it out and get back to ya!" 


  1. It's very liberating to be a victim. You can be as vile as you like, and if anybody calls you out, well, "You don't tell me how to act, I've been through hell. You're not qualified. I deserve."



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