15 January 2010

LIFE, a trove of photos

The website isn't new but we needed to tell you about LIFE.com just in case you missed it. The site generously published good size pictures of thousands of iconic photographs for you to discover though so many of them are already imprinted somewhere in our brains.

Today features many photos from Haiti but LIFE's value lies in its historical documenting of everything from WWII to Vietnam to Muhammad Ali with the Beatles. Also today is featured a spread from the fifties on a topic that's a minor obsession of yours truly, Tenzig Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of Mount Everest. The site also has a decent search engine and anybody and anything you can think of was once photographed by LIFE.


  1. You should post your mountaineering bibliography!

  2. Maybe one day. I've only read about five Everest books.



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