25 January 2010

Sky drones to spy on British citizenry

In preparation for the making of Minority Report, Steven Spielberg got a group of scientists and specialists to tell him what the future would be like. All the technology you see in the film was available or on the cusp of being available at time of production. Remember the spiders, the long-legged, tiny robots that slipped underneath the front doors of people's homes and scanned their eyes to verify their identity? British people must prepare themselves for it's precursor, the sky drone, reports the Guardian.

Indeed, as our favourite Western police state keeps pressing in its unrelenting march to the complete obliteration of privacy rights, is planning to use unmanned spy drones for the "routine monitoring of antisocial motorists, protesters, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers". Isn't it great. The police isn't even pretending this is an imperative step in the fight against terrorism. They're just going to spy on our British friends' lives to fight crop theft. Oh, they don't mean vandals who make crop circles. Generically modified crops are big business and the proprietary rights must be protected at all costs. [Guardian]

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