19 January 2010

On appeal: is it ok for British Airways to discriminate against Christians but not other religions?

Since this is our first blog on religion, we'll do our due diligence and assert that you will seldom see the folks of Comrade Bingo coming to the defence of Christians.

We are indeed rooting for British Airways employee Nadia Eweida who is suing her employer for not allowing her to wear the cross at work or that should hide it from sight. The basis for the Employment Appeal Tribunal's decision was that whilst Muslims who work for BA are allowed to wear hijabs and Sikhs kara bangles, Christians do not have to wear the cross.

Putting aside oft-heard assertions which make the hijab a matter of religion at work but only a matter of cultural preference when one criticises Islam for its treatment of women, it makes no sense for a western secular court to make itself the decider of what world religions deem obligatory or not. [BBC]

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