14 January 2010

Limbaugh says "Don't give money to Haiti"

After his stellar performance yesterday in which he pre-emptively accused Obama of using Haïti to gather even more support from light-skinned blacks and dark-skinned blacks (!?), and Pat Robertson's soulful and collected venom at Haitians for having made a pact with the devil, now Limbaugh his telling his audience not to donate money to Haïti.

My friend who sent me the link wrote this: "And the tsunami victims were also non-white. I guess black people in trouble get hated special? Or did I miss vitriol against the tsunami victims?"

Though I don't think Limbaugh has any fondness for black folks, I think what is summoning extra vitriol here is that Haitians happen to be of the same race as this president whom he despises so.

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