13 January 2010

Snowed Under Brits Play Daredevils

Those British friends of yours are still going on about snow and for good reason. Londoners got off easy just about every other region has been plagued with snow on snow, snow on snow, and then some, and the UK is enjoying some of the lowest temperature on record for the UK.

Yes, all they talk about now is grit (a problem that surfaced last year) or rather the lack of it. All supermarkets ran out of salt weeks ago, imagine using table salt to burn the snow and ice from your stairs. No snow plowers and no enough grit to cover the roads. And because British power is so centralised, the blame can be laid at the beleaguered British PM's door, Gordon Brown.

Of course this means many don't make it into work and after a few days at home with cabin fever, Brits are doing what they do best: off to the pub.

At least that is what we think. We assume the two Scots who decided to drive their Peugeot 307 (that would be a car) on a frozen canal. Luckily, the two passengers (or "mindless thrill seekers" as The Sun termed them) escaped safely with their dog, a westie of course.

And then this morning, we spotted a tweet with a link to a Cornish man's Facebook page with photos of the igloo he had built with plans of sleeping in it. Cornish folk may not have grown up with tales of children dying under the weight of collapsing tunnels of their snow fort. One would assume, however, that common sense would be enough to make anybody realise how unwise it would be to spend any time under an icy structure built by anybody but some ancient Inuit folk who remember the old ways. Fortunately, the rain caught up with Cornwall and the igloo caved in before bed time.

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  1. Yup.. that sure does look like The Igloo Of Suffocated Children.



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