19 January 2010

Viva Conando, the late-night debacle as metaphor for harsh economic times

"We have children. You've got $800 million. For God's sake, leave us alone." Such is the paraphrasing of Jimmy Kimmel to Jay Leno that New York Magazine uses to draw a pretty convincing case for explaining our emotional involvement in the late-night dogfight between Leno and every one else in the free world. NYmag is right. Tiger Woods was small fry. What galvanised us about the story is its exposition of corporate "greed, betrayal, stupidity, incompetence, an cluelessness".

As the NYmag article goes on to explain, the public feels for Team Coco and they've expressed their feeling at protest at NBC studios in NYC, L.A. and Chicago. Viva Conando! [NYmag]

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