20 July 2010

Revamping Comrade Bingo

We will be implementing changes to the blog which should be relatively seamless. We at Comrade Bingo are far too interested in the world at large to focus on one topic for a blog. At the same time, we understand that readers who are interested in Comrade Bingo for our take on specific topics might feel a bit lost with our Renaissance wo/man approach.

Tentatively, Comrade Bingo will implement the following regimen:

New CB

Monday: film discussion of the previous Friday's recommended DVD.
Tuesday: various topics
Wednesday: various topics
Thursday: New to the Family (diary about getting a new dog)
Friday: Spoiler free DVD recommendation to be followed by discussion on Mondays. AND new film review*

*The new film review will depend on Comrade Bingo's ability to get invited to advance screenings.

One day we hope to add a member to the team and post seven days a week, at which point we will surely have a local Toronto day, and a theatre review day.

We agree with you, Comrade Bingo isn't very aesthetically pleasing. Such are the limitations of Blogger. We do yearn to break free and will, one day, have our on site.

Thank you and we hope you will be able to pop in on your chosen days and enjoy the blog even more.

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