05 July 2010

Toronto Fringe Day 6: Interview with Claire Acott

Claire Acott (pictured left) is a cast member of Double Double featured at this year's Toronto Fringe. 

I just love the blond wig, the coffee and the t-shirt that reads "I have no idea who this is".

Below you will find my interview with Claire Acott who kind enough to meet me before going on stage last night.

I haven't had time to see many plays as I've been preparing and conducting interviews and providing morale support for our show The Aquarium.

I've seen Jean et Béatrice which I recommend if you speak French. Written by well-known Québec playwright Carole Fréchette, this play about a woman who places an ad offering a cash reward to any man who interests, moves and seduces her provides suspense while provoking thought. 

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