06 July 2010

Toronto Fringe Day 7: mini-blackout, Reilly & Palmer

Last night could have been a disappointment for many Fringe shows. Toronto was plunged into semi-darkness as different spots in the city lost power. Considering this is our first heatwave, this does not bode well for the Summer. No matter, lights went back on at Factory and Passe-Muraille. The Tarragon was fine and some other shows performed without A/C in alternative venues like bars and restaurants. Fringe spirit!

Speaking of hot nights, with temperatures in the high 30 even late last night, it was burlesque night at the beer tent. I got all kinds of tweets pointing to a whimsical bacchanal: will keep you informed as I find out more.

And here are Jason Reilly and Anthony Palmer talking to me a few days ago after "The Aquarium" opening.

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