15 July 2010

That Ground Zero Mosque

The National Republican Trust PAC has produced the following ad. All major networks have refused to air it.

"On September 11, they declared war against us. And to celebrate that murder of 3000 Americans, they want to build a monstrous thirteen storey Mosque." And it just gets more bigoted.

The footage makes this look like a pro-jihad vid and it actually shows someone jumping from one of the Twin Towers, footage which I knew existed but I'd never seen before. Thank you, National Republican Trust PAC.

When it time comes to address how relentlessly absurd the right-wing has become in the U.S., I must admit it, words fail me. 


  1. Considering that the group that destroyed the buildings claims religious reasons, even a peaceful, pro-American Muslim group erecting a mosque at that site would seem in pretty bad taste. However, you can't discriminate against religious groups on the basis of bad taste. Is this mosque plan even for real?

  2. The internet fails on this one.. Google only gives me "no mosque" sites and stories from right wing papers. Even from Canadian sites, all I get is National Post. The only thing I noticed is that some stories use the word "near" instead of "at" Ground Zero and some intimation that this is an already existing Muslim congregation that wants to build a new mosque at the location where it already meets. I have the feeling that this is a bogus non-story, but I can't seem to pull any facts out of the coverage.

  3. I first heard about it months ago. Then nothing.

    Build a building for businesses like the World Trade Centre. Anything else on this site would be dubious or godawful sentimental. If there is a message to be sent to the world with this site, surely the "we're going on with our business as usual" would be the best one.