23 July 2010

Tell us about the ads

During the Toronto Fringe, my monetised blog swiftly was decorated with Mirvish and Stratford ads and.... offers of travel to Israel????

I'm glad all those appeared but I know that friends in the Maritimes didn't get those ads, they got ads for pickup trucks instead. The ads you see on my site are at least in part targeted for your area.

And this is where you come in.

I haven't written about THAT oil company which is having a good go at destroying the Gulf of Mexico forever, but I have heard that bloggers have seen ads by THAT oil company appear after mentioning it. TMZ for instance had that same problem and were able to get Google (or whoever automatically generates ads to remove them) to remove them. Now, we know, Comrade Bingo is no TMZ but please let us know if you see ads by THAT oil company on our pages.

Thank you!

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