11 July 2010

Toronto Fringe Day 12 - Last day

Derrick Chua, president of the Toronto Fringe, came to our show last night. After the curtain came down for the last time, our Gargantuesque set has moved to somebody's basement in Etobicoke, goodbye to the aquariums.

Two more shows today The Flying Avro Arrow, The Silent City, maybe three Tightrope (again) in the evening and maybe I'll skip the partying tonight. It's been fun but the laundry is piled up and my apartment looks like the Black Bloc have been through it.

This modest vid (my last Fringe vid this year unless I decide to cover Best of Fringe) is a thank you to volunteers who make this event happen. It's a small tribute but a heartfelt one.

See you all next year.

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