09 July 2010

Toronto Fringe Day 10 - I am a moron & video of silly questions

Being nice is always a good thing. Remember my empathy for Lorne Hiro and his disorientation, just a few blogs ago? It stands me in good stead as I did the EXACT same thing last night. I got the venue right but the time wrong. And there was a comp waiting for me. The height of shame. The producer was so nice about it he offered me ANOTHER comp. But no, I shall attend on my own dollar.

Thank God, I don't have much more editing to do because my building is shutting down the A/C for four to six hours today to repair the thing which, as far as I can tell, works perfectly well. Off to the theata' I go.

As the festival is winding down, I've come up with silly questions for Fringe artists to answer in the vid below. These little "segments" can be awfully annoying at times, but here, I'm glad to say I got answers far more insightful than the questions deserved. I am grateful to all who participated in this.

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